GEL-X is in the business of manufacture, sales & distribution of medical & professional glove products using patented ALLOGEL® inner glove surface coating technologies. The engineered ALLOGEL® coating promotes hand health & ease of use for professional users of disposable gloves. GEL-X also distributes ALLOGEL® coated exam gloves in trademark COPPER® and MAGENTA™ colors in various sectors of the glove market, including dental, medical, lab and research.

GEL-X’s primary markets are the USA & Europe, through a network of dealers/distributors that address the individual markets and countries.

As an authorized ALLOGEL® technology licensee of XELA Corporation (developer/owner of the ALLOGEL® patents & trademarks) we are able to tailor to your specific needs using either our house brands or a co-branding licensing agreements from XELA to suite most market needs.

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